Wellesley College- Wang Campus Center // 2005

Designed by  Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects, the new Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center at Wellesley exemplifies the bold new designs that are popping up on campuses all over the New England area. The innovative building is 50,000 square feet of space on an extremely difficult site.

From the firm’s website:

[It has been argued that “no single building on the Wellesley campus can claim as much historical significance and general admiration as does the landscape itself, and the buildings best loved within the Wellesley community have aesthetic properties which blend with those of the landscape.” To take its place at Wellesley, the new campus center must be derived from the values which are already embedded in the land. This extends beyond external appearance to the building’s internal structure—its essence, if you will. To become successful architecture, it must be more than a “composition in conformity with topographic conditions;” it must materialize the principles which have guided Wellesley since its inception.]

The building’s namesake, Lulu Chow Wang, is the CEO and founder of Tupelo Capital Management, a leading New York-based investment firm and graduated from Wellesley College in 1966. She named her company after Tupelo Point a scenic point overlooking Waban Lake on campus.

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