Charles Daniels House // ca. 1830

Located just outside the town center of Chester, CT (one of the cutest towns in the state I’d say) is this gorgeous and well-preserved example of a Greek Revival home.

The home was built for Charles Daniels (1799-1838), a businessman and factory owner who built a gimlet factory on Liberty Street. Within a couple years, his home was built next door at 43 Liberty Street. The factory was built abutting Deep Hollow Brook (now Chester Creek) which provided fresh water and power to the facility which produced gimlets (not the gin drink), a hand tool used to drill small holes in wood without splitting it.

The home was estimated as being designed by Ithiel Town, a prominent architect and engineer who designed many iconic buildings in Connecticut and surrounding region. Alternatively, local lore states the home was designed by architects Town & Davis, but there is no documentation to support that theory.

The home is small, yet packs a punch with style. It is sided with flush boarding which gives it a smooth finish, an elaborate portico supported by four large fluted columns, and prominent entablature which extends around the home.

The house was originally located about 300′ east of its present site, nearer the site of the M.S. Brooks & Sons factory. Threatened with demolition after years of vacancy, it was moved to its present site in 1978, retaining not just the foundation exterior, but also the chimneys, using their original materials

Brooks Factory postcard
Factory today

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