Atlantic Bank Building // 1866

Located adjacent to the Providence Arcade Building, the Atlantic Bank Building at 75 Weybosset St. provides a fine contrast to the earlier arcade structure. The building was constructed for the Atlantic Bank, which had two former offices in Downtown Providence before settling at its final destination. The bank failed in 1913 for a multitude of reasons, most notably due to the President, Edward P. Metcalf, who beginning in 1910, started passing checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to banks in Boston and Lowell without the knowledge of his board of directors. Perhaps sensing the trouble looming, he resigned from Atlantic National on April 2, 1913 and set sail for Europe. The bank closed soon after.

The building was occupied after by the Ashman Coffee House. The building featured a storefront and cafe on the ground floor and packaging and offices on the two stories above. After this, it was occupied (until 1976) by the Rhode Island Bible Society. The whole time, the exterior was mostly preserved and many original detailing intact. The three-story Italianate building features puddingstone facade with three bays of round-head windows.

Ca. 1920 image courtesy of Providence Public Library Collections

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