Halibut Point Coastal Defense Tower // 1942

Located in the center of my favorite State Park of Massachusetts, Halibut Point State Park, this odd tower emerging out of a house caught my eye. Upon closer inspection and research, the building was constructed as Boston Harbor Defense Station #136, one of over 20 observation towers along the coast of Massachusetts.

In 1942, the United States Government took two acres of land on high ground of what is now Halibut Point, to construct an observation tower and barracks to defend the New England coast from foreign invasion shortly after entering the WWII arena. The concrete tower was constructed to scan the ocean and bay for enemy submarines. Twenty men were housed in the barracks dormitory on the second floor, office and kitchen were located on the first floor. The building sits overlooking the old Babson Farm Quarry and beyond it, the Atlantic Ocean. After the conclusion of the war, the building was converted to a fire tower. By 1982, the entire 56-acre parcel of land was purchased by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be utilized as a the Halibut Point State Park.

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