David Nevins House // ca.1746

The David Nevins House, located at 7 South Canterbury Road, is a gorgeous Georgian style home with a symmetrical facade. The five bay home has a large central stone chimney which appears original to the home, reports state it was restored in the 1970s using large stones found in the home’s basement. The central paired and panelled front doors are surrounded by a Georgian entry with pilasters with a pulvinated frieze and a broken scroll pediment above. The original owner David Nevins (1729-1758) moved to Canterbury from Nova Scotia Canada and worked as a merchant. In 1758, Nevins died when repairing a damaged bridge to reopen trade with nearby Plainfield. According to A History of Norwich (1866),

He was standing on one of the cross beams of the bridge, giving directions to the workmen, and had his watch in his hand, which he had just taken out to see the time, when, losing his balance, he fell into the swollen stream, was swept down by the current, and drowned before he could be rescued

After his death, the home was occupied as a parsonage for the First Congregational Church across the street.

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