Narragansett Life Saving Station // 1888

Located just a stones throw from the former Narragansett Pier Casino, this modest stone structure was built by the same architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. Completed in 1888, the Romanesque Revival building replaced an earlier (1873) wood station. The original life saving station was established in the early 1870’s as part of a U.S. Life Saving Service expansion program, which originally began in New Jersey and Long Island and was taken over by Congress to expand up the New England coast and be staffed by full-time crews to observe swimmers and boaters in the waters. This station, along with many other Gilded Age buildings relating to the commercial quality of Narragansett Pier sadly were demolished due to fires, hurricanes and urban renewal over the years, leaving a fraction of what once stood.

The Narragansett Life Saving Station was in use from 1888 until 1946. The stone structure has had some very un-sympathetic additions over the years and at the time of me photographing it, more work was going on.

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