Hazard Castle // 1846

Set on 38 acres of land in Narragansett, Rhode Island, Hazard Castle stands prominently over the tree-line expressing designs of medieval European forts. The building was begun in 1846 as the main house for Joseph Peace Hazard’s seaside farm and was supposedly modeled after an abbey which Hazard had seen in England. The tower, which is 105 feet tall, was apparently constructed as a platform from which Hazard could more easily
communicate with his deceased ancestor’s spirits. The tower was completed in 1884. The Providence Catholic Diocese bought the property from the Hazard family in 1951 as a retreat house, and now is home to the Middlebridge School, a private boarding school for children with learning difficulties.

Joseph Hazard (1807-1892) lived in Peace Dale (now part of South Kingstown) Rhode Island and became involved in the family textile mill owned by his brothers Rowland G. and Isaac P. Hazard. Joseph was admitted to the partnership of “R.G. Hazard & Co.” in 1828; this business later became the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company. In his latter part of his life, Hazard was instrumental in the development of Narragansett Pier as popular summer resort.

Hazard Castle c. 1890 after completion of tower. Courtesy of Digital Commonwealth.

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