Aspinwall Cottage // c.1844

This small Gothic style cottage was built by 1844 and is the oldest extant home in the Longwood Area of Brookline. The home was built for David Sears on land originally owned by Peter Aspinwall and later generations of his family. David Sears purchased the land in 1820 with the aim of developing some as a residential neighborhood. In the 1840s, Sears planted some 14,000 trees, many of them imported from Europe, in the course of developing his land, which has since contributed to the neighborhood’s charm. The cottage was likely built as his “country residence” as a secondary home, far-flung from the hustle-and-bustle of his home on Beacon Hill, the homes are now a ten minute drive apart (depending on traffic). The home was later acquired by Julius Kalman (Kalmanovitz), a major real estate developer who’s real estate firms had been identified as among the victims of George L. Maitland, who had been indicted for obtaining loans based on fraudulent representations. On February 6, 1956, Julius Kalman committed suicide at his home in Allston. The Boston Globe reported that the suicide was “on the eve of one of the trials growing out of the so-called Maitland loan fraud case” in which he “was to have been a star witness” for the prosecution.

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