Christ’s Church Longwood // 1860

One of my favorite church buildings in the Boston area has to be the Christ Church in the Longwood area of Brookline. Built in 1860, the Gothic style church stands upon a hill over the Muddy River, a part of the Emerald Necklace park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Constructed of Roxbury pudding stone, it contains round arched windows and doors, a rose window in the belfry, and a flat-roofed tower with quatrefoil openings at the balustrade. The church was funded by David Sears II who resided on Beacon Hill in the Sears House (now Somerset Club), Sears is credited with developing over 200 acres in Brookline into the Longwood neighborhood we see today. Architect Arthur Gilman, who was designing the Arlington Street Church in the Back Bay at the same time as Christ Church, apparently modeled this church after his ancestral church, St. Peters in Colchester, England (likely why the street was so named Colchester Street).

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