Harrison Gardner House // c.1873

The Harrison Gardner House was built before 1873 as one of the earlier homes in the now established neighborhood. Harrison Gardner (1841-1899) served for the Union cause in the American Civil War in the 45th Massachusetts Infantry and saw action at the Battle of New Bern and elsewhere in North Carolina. After the war, he worked as a dry goods wholesaler living in Boston with his first wife until her death in 1867. He married Laura Elizabeth Perkins in June 1868, less than a year later and had three children with her. In January 1871, Harrison was a founder (and served as treasurer) of the Boston Red Stockings of the new National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NABBP). The team name or nickname later changed to “Red Caps”, “Beaneaters”, “Doves”, “Rustlers” and finally to the “Braves”, now the Atlanta Braves MLB team. He died of pneumonia in 1899 his wife sold the home and moved elsewhere. The home was likely a stained cedar shingle which was painted in this interesting blue with white trim, a pretty common color scheme as of late.

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