Abbott House // 1804

Located on Nashville Street in Nashua, NH is the Abbott House, an 1804 Federal style home. Daniel Abbott’s ancestry in New England goes back to 1637 when George Abbott, a Puritan, came to New England from Yorkshire, England. He first settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts and later moved
and was among the first settlers of Andover, Massachusetts in 1643. Daniel Abbott (1777-1853), assisted in founding the Nashua Manufacturing Company which became one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of cotton, woolen, and iron goods. Throughout the 19th century, Nashua soon became known as a center for innovation.

The home was occupied by Abbott until his death in 1853, and was owned from 1854-1892 by George Perham, under whose ownership the exterior was given an extensive Victorian treatment, which included a three-story tower in the central bay. In 1905, a later owner, William Spaulding restored the home back with its original Federal detailing and added on multiple additions. The home was later donated to the Nashua Historical Society by Spaulding’s descendants.

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