Jechonias Thayer House // 1835

The Jechonias Thayer House is high-style temple-front Greek Revival home in the Doric order in Braintree, MA. The two-story columns support the colonnade and heavy pedimented gable. The home was built for Jechonias Thayer, a wholesale and retail grocery merchant in downtown Boston. Thayer died in Boston in 1876. He built this house on his ancestral homestead at Braintree about 1835, the year his father, Solomon Thayer, died. Solomon Thayer had lived here in an earlier dwelling. This house also served as a country home for the next owner, Edward Reed (d.1891), a Boston iron merchant. After this, the home was purchased by Leonard F. Norris (1831-1908), in 1893. Norris reportedly was one of the early settlers of North Bridgewater, and worked as a real estate broker in that city. His son, F. Edgar Norris, inherited the property and renovated it. The younger Norris, Lowell Ames Norris was an author who dubbed the property “Norcrest”, wrote about the renovated home which made it in many architectural publications.

1918 floorplans of “Norcrest” by Lowell Ames Norris, found in House Beautiful June 1918.

4 thoughts on “Jechonias Thayer House // 1835

  1. Kathy Norris October 4, 2022 / 3:21 pm

    F. Edgar was the architect. He designed Braintree town hall. His son, Lowell, was a writer. He did not restore the property. If anyone did, it was F. Edgar.

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    • Buildings of New England October 4, 2022 / 6:08 pm

      It is tricky to track down as the articles in architectural journals (linked in line) list the house as ‘Home of F. Edgar Norris’ by Lowell Ames Norris.


      • Kathy Norris October 5, 2022 / 2:51 pm

        Yes, my grandfather, Lowell Ames Norris, wrote the article. It was his father’s home (F. Edgar), and Lowell grew up there. But it was F. Edgar who restored the property… that is until the money ran out.

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