Paul Hunt House // 1905

A rarity in Massachusetts, this Spanish Revival style home stands out among the large homes of Brookline. Located at 63 Powell Street in North Brookline, this home was built in 1905 for Paul Hunt, who is most famous for his father and uncle. Paul Hunt was the son of William Morris Hunt, a leading painter of Boston in the 19th century and the nephew of Richard Morris Hunt, one of the most prolific American architects of all time. Paul Hunt became a developer and contractor of sorts in Bar Harbor, Maine, where his mother had a summer cottage.

This house can be classified as Spanish Revival as it is a has a stucco exterior, low-pitched roof of terra-cotta tiles, and rounded arched openings. You can see that on the rightmost side of the home on the second floor, a sleeping porch appears to have been enclosed. Sleeping porches were very common in early 20th century where screened balconies would allow residents to sleep outside, for two main reasons. First, air-conditioning was not available at the time and summer nights would get very hot, and second, it was believed that Tuberculosis and other lung-related illnesses could be cured or staved by providing fresh air.

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