John Darling House // 1680

This First Period home on Hobart Street in Danvers, MA, was built for John Darling (1632-1712). John Darling was the son of a merchant who apparently held plantations and did business in the island of Curacao in the West Indies, likely owning slaves for that trade. Darling Sr. moved to present day New York City in 1644 with his family and ran his business through the ownership of many shipping vessels up the coast of New England from New York to Maine. His son, likely took over a part of the business and settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in Salem with his wife, Mary Bishop. He was either given land and islands by those in power or purchased the land in Maine, which includes many islands near Permaquid. He and his family retained land in Maine and had a home on Monhegan Island and his farm in Salem (now Danvers).

When Darling died, the home was willed to his son, also John. Once he died, the home was purchased by Dr. Johnathan Prince (did they have any other names but Johnathan to choose from back then?), an esteemed doctor in Salem Village. The home was located near the intersection of Ingersoll Street and present day Rt.1, and was moved to its current location in 1845. I would love to find more information on Darling as he lived through the Salem Witch Trials between Salem and Maine. I wonder if he stayed in Maine to avoid the hysteria!

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