Elijah Emerson House // 1846

Built for Elijah. C Emerson in 1846 this estate house in Brookline Village is one of the oldest extant in the area. Elijah Carlton Emerson (1807-1888) was New Hampshire and eventually settled in the Boston area with his family. In adulthood, Emerson became a wealthy Boston merchant as Director of the Second National Bank and President of the Middlesex Horse Railroad. Emerson established his estate on the land that is now Emerson Garden in 1846, which included the house and carriage barn and was expanded to include a cottage and a pond with a boathouse. Towards the end of his life, Emerson desired to make more money in retirement, and sold building lots from his estate to friends, retaining some for himself. Many of the lots surrounding his estate were developed as rental properties in fashionable Victorian-era styles. Upon his death in 1888, the estate went to his widow and daughters, the latter sold the estate to the Town of Brookline, who wanted to build a public park on the land. The town paid to have the Emerson house and carriage house moved across Davis Avenue, and Emerson’s granddaughter Mrs. Cullen B. Snell and her husband moved into
the relocated house.

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