Albe Clark House // 1872

This Second Empire home was built in 1872 for Boston lawyer and longtime Dorchester resident Albe C. Clark. Clark grew up in New Hampshire before attending Harvard Law School and later moved to Lowell, MA to practice law. In 1857, he relocated to Dorchester, a relatively affluent suburb of Boston and worked as treasurer of the Dorchester Gas Light Company, with facilities in the approximate location of the well-known Rainbow Swash. Clark (along with some neighbors) became a proponent of Dorchester’s annexation into Boston and joined a committee called the “Friends of Annexation”. In 1870, the group got their wish and Dorchester officially became a part of the City of Boston. Within a few years, Clark hired Luther Briggs, Jr., a noted architect to construct a large home in the Harrison Square section of Dorchester. The home retains many original features including the portico, bay windows, and mansard roof with dormers and belvedere.

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