Bowditch Coachman’s House // c.1867

Located across Tappan Street from the former William Ingersoll Bowditch home, the former coachman’s house is the only lasting remnant of the once far-flung estate in Brookline. Built around 1867 as a residence for Michael Lynch, a laborer, who became the Bowditch coachman and lived in the house until his death. The Lynch family later acquired the property when the Bowditch estate was demolished and land subdivided. 224 Tappan Street is an exceptionally charming cottage with fanciful detailing, quite unlike any other home in its neighborhood.There is a projecting center entry with a small diamond pane window on either side and a gable roof. The facade of the house is common bond brick and the sides are sheathed in vertical boards. The saw tooth edged, board and batten siding that finishes the pediments, and the flat cut finials at the peak of both gables makes one think of Hansel and Gretel, and I am all for it!

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