John D. Runkle House // 1875

This Victorian Gothic mansion was built in 1875 for John D. Runkle, the second President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), after William Barton Rogers. He served as acting president of MIT from 1868–70 and president between 1870 and 1878, building this home half-way through his role there. After serving as President of MIT, he served on Brookline’s School Board, which led to the Runkle School in Brookline taking his name. The house was designed by George D. Rand and shows a careful balancing of horizontal and vertical features. The steep slate roof and prominent vertical chimneys work surprisingly well with the horizontal belt courses. Delicate stickwork at the entrance and dormers add a great Victorian flair. Sadly, the home is partially obscured by an ugly wood fence.

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