Lydia Chandler Head House // 1890

In 1890, this stunning Shingle style home was built for Lydia Chandler Head (1828-1915) in the upper-class neighborhood of Pill Hill in Brookline. Adjacent to the last post (the Roberts House), this home exhibits an off-center arched entrance in a recessed vestibule and shingled window hoods, hallmarks of the Shingle style. Additionally, the garrison form with the upper stories overhanging the ground floor and the twin gable end roof peaks give a certain nod to post-Medieval architecture, like that seen at the Saugus Iron Works House. The home was designed by the firm of Andrews, Jaques and Rantoul, who were influential architects in the Boston area and designed many stunning homes such as this. Interestingly, I cannot find any history on Lydia Chandler Head and her family, she may not have ever been married, if anyone has, let me know! I would be interested to see how she acquired the funds to have such a stunning home.

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