Foster-Braggiotti House // c.1877

Built on the former Edward Philbrick estate, this home was constructed circa 1877 as a rental property, still owned by the Philbrick family. Ten years after the home was constructed, it was purchased by Charles Henry Wheelwright Foster and wife, Mabel, bought and enlarged it using desired local architect Carl Fehmer, their neighbor at the time. Foster organized the Brookline National Bank in 1886, later becoming President, and also served as treasurer of Chickering & Sons, a piano manufacturer. The house was later owned by Isadore Braggiotti, and his wife Lily (formerly Baroness de Relbnitz). They were both singers who maintained a singular Hindu-vegetarian bohemian household with eight musical children, often hosting lavish parties in their music pavilion in the home. Their children all went on to do amazing things.

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