Edward Stanwood House // 1879

It’s the day before Halloween, so I wanted to share the spookiest house in Brookline, Massachusetts, the Edward Stanwood House. Completed in 1879, this English Queen Anne home may look like just any other gorgeous mansion in Brookline, but upon closer inspection, you can see some oddities on the facade. First of all, the siding on the second floor is actually hung tile, overlaid to give the appearance of fish scales. Also characteristic of the English Queen Anne style, are the decorative terra cotta and carved wood panels, and the typical Queen Anne sunflower design. Contrasting with the delicate sunflower motifs, are gargoyles and demonic figures, effectively giving this home the nickname, “The House of the Sunflowers and Devils”. It was designed by architect Clarence S. Luce, a very underrated designer, was a prominent architect who had offices in Boston, Newport, and later, NYC. The home’s owner was Edward Stanwood (1841-), a Senior Editor of the Youth’s Companion, a children’s magazine based out of Boston.

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