Wigglesworth-Cutler House // 1714

Built in 1714 for Reverend Samuel Wigglesworth, this stunning home sited adjacent to the Congregational Church (last post), has long been a landmark in the small town of Hamilton, MA. Samuel Wigglesworth (1688-1768) was the son of minister Michael Wigglesworth, who followed in his father’s footsteps after his Harvard education. The new congregation built a small church next door in 1713 and this home the next year to provide a dwelling for the town’s minister. Wigglesworth oversaw the church until his death, and after, Manasseh Cutler (1742-1823) became the town minister. Rev. Cutler was a graduate of Yale College who later became one of the founders of the Ohio Company, formed to colonize the Ohio Territory, he helped draft the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, saving “The West” from French colonization. Cutler became a friend of Alexander Hamilton, and was instrumental in getting the new town to be named after him. The home was modified in 1790 in the Federal style, effectively creating a new home. The third story and Palladian window were added at that time.

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