Robert Rantoul Endicott Mansion // 1893

Built in 1893 on “Stevens’ Hill” this mansion stands out for its amazing use of stone and brick construction, seemingly emerging from the hill itself. The home was constructed for Robert Rantoul Endicott (1833-1914), who was the State Representative from Beverly and later served at a Selectman and President of the Board of Trade. Mr. Endicott succeeded his father later and became President of the Beverly Savings Bank, and served until five years before his death. I could not locate an architect for this house, but it is possibly designed by Augustus D. Rantoul, an architect, and possible family member of Robert Rantoul Endicott.

One thought on “Robert Rantoul Endicott Mansion // 1893

  1. Mardee Goldberg March 13, 2022 / 5:54 am

    I am so honored to own this archeological digest of this historical building built in 893! I did not want to change any of the many fire places that are priceless. Wood carving is well preserved. I love showing the basement with the structure of the house built through original stone! I will always keep it the same! A sight to see! Mardee Goldberg owner

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