Orson Goodrich House // c.1850

Gothic Revival homes in New England are not as common as Greek Revival or Italianate homes built in the mid-19th century, so when I find one, I make sure to snap a picture. This home in Richmond, Vermont was built around 1850 for Orson Goodrich (1808-1877), likely after the death of his first wife, Ann in 1849. Goodrich was a farmer who had a large property off the Main Street, which likely ran all the way to the Winooski River. The house is an excellent example of Carpenter Gothic, a wooden Gothic Revival home which has decorative bargeboards at the roof (which look like icicles in the snow), pierced wooden columns at the porch, and a lancet window at the second floor gable end. The home was such a statement piece, that the home was one of a handful of buildings portrayed in the 1857 Map of Chittenden County, Vermont. After Orson Goodrich died in 1877 (outliving his second wife), with no children living to adulthood, the property was sold off and subdivided for new housing in the 1880s. Today, the home retains much of its original detailing, but could use some sprucing up.

5 thoughts on “Orson Goodrich House // c.1850

  1. randy April 5, 2021 / 8:28 pm

    Was he IN the civil war?


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