Frederick E. Smith House // c.1885

This Queen Anne/Shingle Style home in Hopedale was built in the mid-1880s for Frederick E. Smith, who (like everyone else in town) was employed by the Draper Corporation. Frederick Smith worked as the manager of the livery stable for the Draper Corporation, and later as the foreman of the trucking department of the Draper plant when automobiles took over. It is clear that the wealthiest Draper men encouraged their employees to live close to them in their mansions as this home is nearby the Draper mansion. Could you imagine Jeff Bezos living next-door to his employees? Me neither!

2 thoughts on “Frederick E. Smith House // c.1885

  1. Dolphin Starbeam November 10, 2021 / 6:34 pm

    Stunning photography. Throughout my entire life, I’ve driven by these homes (or as Jasper Beardsley and I walked by on way home from school….uphill, in the snow, barefoot, etc) and never truly stopped to view these properties, just a cursory glance . Certainly, I can place this geographically in my head— but to learn more about these homes, adds such great dimension to absorb and add onto my memories. Fantastic work, research and rich photography.

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