Rockport Carnegie Library // 1907

Rockport’s Town Hall opened in 1869. In the year that followed, a series of concerts and lectures—including one by Mark Twain—raised $250 to establish a town library. The town members accepted the donation and approved matching funds for the project in 1871, and a space was allocated in the town hall for the library. This space was quickly outgrown as the town continued to grow, and the townspeople clamored for more books. In the early 1900s, members of the town began negotiating with Andrew Carnegie, who was giving libraries to towns that could not afford them. In 1903, a town meeting accepted Carnegie’s offer to provide $10,000 to build a free public library building for Rockport and the town acquired a lot for the new building. Rockport’s Carnegie Library was built in 1907. The structure is built of locally quarried granite with Classical Revival detailing. The building functioned as a library until the fall of 1993, when additional space was needed and the town converted an old school to serve as the new building. The old Carnegie Library in Rockport was converted to a private home.

2 thoughts on “Rockport Carnegie Library // 1907

  1. Marlin Williams March 1, 2022 / 8:15 pm

    That’s one solid building. Too bad it couldn’t have remained a library tho, it’s original purpose. 1907, Teddy Roosevelt in the White House, the year the USA was at its peak. I love this site.

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    • Buildings of New England March 2, 2022 / 7:22 pm

      Thanks! These small libraries are hard to expand on such tight sites, there was nowhere they could add onto. I’m just glad to see the building is reused!


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