Greeley Park Pavilion // 1911

Greeley Park, a gem of Nashua, NH was originally land owned by Joseph Greeley as far back as 1801. The land was willed to his son, Joseph Jr. and then to his grandson thereafter, Joseph III, who then willed the land to the City of Nashua. The growing city decided to utilize the land as a large park, which would provide relief and open space to the dense workforce housing near the river and enhance property values of the mansions along Concord Avenue. John Cotton, an industrialist, donated over $5,000 for the erection of a fountain and rest station with bathrooms for the public, which the city matched. The pavilion with bathrooms was built of stone found on the estate grounds and is an excellent example of Arts and Crafts architecture for a recreational use. If anyone knows the architect, I would love to get that information, I could not find out!