Former Nashua Police HQ // 1890

In Nashua and many other New England towns and cities, police departments originally started as small groups of citizens who sought to protect their interests and families from the threats of crime and unsavory behavior. The first Nashua Police Department office was located in a small store who’s owner eventually became the first City Marshal. When Nashua received its charter in 1853, space was allocated in the town hall for a police office and jail. As the city grew, additional space was needed and a lot was acquired across the street from the 1870 fire station for a new headquarters. A Romanesque Revival building was completed in 1890 for a police department, the police court, and the jail. It was built at a cost of $30,000 and constructed of brick, brownstone, and granite with large Syrian arches. The building is now occupied by a local lodge of the American Legion.