Walter Barker House // 1945

When people think of Post-WWII residential architecture, many envision single-story Ranch homes or sleek Mid-Century Modern homes, but many established architects prior to Modernism’s crest stayed true to Colonial Revival design. Royal Barry Wills (1895-1962), an architect that graduated from M.I.T. and opened an architectural office in Boston in 1925 which he maintained until his death in 1962, became a master of the Colonial Revival style, specifically the Cape Cod style. Wills designed this home for Walter L. Barker (1891-1967), the founder of Improved Paper Machinery (IMPCO). A pulp and paper machine manufacturer and repair shop based in Nashua, NH.

This amazing Colonial Revival home replicates many historic Colonial-era features from the large central chimney to the Georgian style entry and garage to appear as a barn or stable with arched openings. Wills completed a booklet in 1946, showcasing some of his residential designs, called “Houses for Good Living”, which featured this home.