Thetford Center Methodist Church // 1838

An outstanding example of the Gothic Revival style churches in Vermont, this brick, three bay, gable front church was constructed in 1838 in Thetford Center Vermont. The Gothic Revival style is expressed here primarily in the pointed louvered insets above the windows (including the pointed louvers in the steeple) and the finials at the steeple. The church building was constructed using brick made in the local brickyard owned by Hezekiah Porter. Designed to seat 250 people, it was constructed for the cost of a mere $1,400. Behind the church is the Evergreen Cemetery, administered by a Cemetery Association, in which are many of the early residents of Thetford and members of the congregation and its founders.

3 thoughts on “Thetford Center Methodist Church // 1838

  1. Barbara P. September 26, 2022 / 8:26 am

    Very similar in design to the one in Orford NH.

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