Woodstock Town Hall and Police Station // 1936

Buildings of New England hits the road! Occasionally, I like to explore and learn about towns and villages in places outside of New England, and one place that has always piqued my interest is Ulster County, NY. One of the more well-known towns in Ulster County is Woodstock, an absolutely vibrant and charming village in the mountains. The first European settlers in the Town of Woodstock were Dutch, along with a few Palatine Germans, who established farms on the fertile land. The town saw some industrial development along Sawkill Creek, but experienced substantial building growth in the early 20th century after the area attracted artists of all types to the area. The village saw population growth which necessitated new city facilities like a town hall and police station. In 1936, construction began on a combined town hall office and police station for the village, in the midst of the Great Depression (possibly using New Deal funds?) The Colonial Revival style building exhibits brick construction with corner quoins, Classical elements like the pediment and columned portico, and a cupola. The only notable alteration since its construction is the infill of the former fire station doors.

2 thoughts on “Woodstock Town Hall and Police Station // 1936

  1. Marlin Williams September 5, 2022 / 8:07 pm

    Even during depression times they were putting up some pretty nice buildings it seems. Was this structure a WPA project? Also, since you’re in Woodstock, swing by the ‘Pink House’, where The Band & Bob Dylan lived in the mid 60s lol.

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