Yankee Publishing Building // 1874

One of my favorite commercial buildings in Downtown Boston is the former Yankee Publishing Building on Union Street, for its architecture and the fact its surrounded by some great pubs! The building was constructed in 1874 for Cyrus Carpenter (1821-1893), a prominent manufacturer and dealer of furnaces and stoves in Boston. He owned the building, but ended up leasing the space to a competing furnace company, Walker & Pratt Manufacturing Company. Carpenter owned the building until his unexpected death in 1893 when he was run over by a Back Bay horse car, when it was conveyed to his wife until her death. The building was later purchased by the long-time tenants who continued to sell furnaces and other goods out of the store with offices above.

The business by which the building is currently known is Yankee Publishing. It is an independent family-owned business that was founded in 1935 and based out of Dublin, New Hampshire. It publishes Yankee Magazine ten times a year (the magazine has a paid circulation of 500,000; subscribers primarily residing in the Northeast) as numerous travel guides and other publications in print and online to guide locals and tourists of New England alike.

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