Moses Rowe House // 1767

One of the older homes on Main Street in Suffield CT, the Moses Rowe House was built in 1767 and exemplifies the architectural history of town. The house was constructed as a two-story Georgian home with minimal detailing, as the family home of Moses Rowe (1733-1799), his wife, and nine children. According to historical maps of the area, the home appears to have been purchased by Horace Sheldon, who in the 1830s modified the home in the Greek Revival style, increasing the height of the home, adding side porches and the entablature at the roofline.

One thought on “Moses Rowe House // 1767

  1. Gardenlover11 September 26, 2020 / 8:44 pm

    I just marvel that these houses still stand!! Wonderful!!

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