Louis Sherry Cottages // 1888

Louis Sherry, a well-known New York restauranteur, was contracted to be the first Superintendent for the newly opened Narragansett Pier Casino. He soon realized the need for the wealthy to stay in private summer cottages instead of hotels. In 1887, Sherry purchased five acres of land in Narragansett Pier and hired the firm of McKim, Mead, and White, the same firm who designed the main casino to design a small complex of cottages surrounding a central green and restaurant.

A total of six cottages were constructed with a casino/restaurant at the center and all were similar in style and features amenities including porches and electric lights. The enterprise was successful until 1912, when a fire started in the casino’s kitchen, destroying that structure and three cottages, and three cottages across the street on Earl’s Court, another luxury development. One of the Sherry Cottages was rebuilt, but the fire disrupted the original design intent and siting of the cottages.

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