Thomas Casey Building // 1896

Located on West Broadway in a section of South Boston that has almost been stripped of all of its architectural character and history, sits this historic commercial building, which soon may face the wrecking ball. This building was constructed in 1896 for Thomas Casey, an Irish liquor dealer. He hired Irish-born architect Charles Donagh Maginnis who emigrated to Boston at age 18 and got his first job apprenticing for architect Edmund M. Wheelwright, the city architect of Boston, as a draftsman. The result was a four-story Colonial Revival commercial building, significant for the series of rounded copper bays and cornice. Of special note, there are wreath inlays designed into the bays between the third and fourth floors with the letters “T” and “C” within, representing Thomas Casey. Years after the building was constructed, it was purchased by Emma A. Amrhein, and has – until recently – been home to Amrhein’s Restaurant and Bar. The local landmark had two (unconfirmed) claims to fame; the oldest hand carved bar in America and the first draft beer pump in Boston. The large property was sold, and the developers proposed a large housing development on the site, retaining the Casey-Amrhein building. However, some have recently pushed for the demolition of this building to make the project slightly larger than would be with the historic building.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Casey Building // 1896

  1. James Holzer March 30, 2021 / 11:33 pm

    Is there a petition we can sign for the preservation of this building?


    • Buildings of New England March 31, 2021 / 9:11 am

      No petition, but you can email the BPDA stating that you oppose the demolition of the corner building. There is a meeting tonight regarding this proposal. Google 80 W Broadway BPDA and the page will pop up. You can email the planner listed on the page.


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