Augustus Wiswall House // c.1870

Augustus Curtis Wiswall was born in Exeter, NH in 1823. At seventeen, he moved to Boston and sought to live life on the open seas. He saw a ship docked called the “Republic” which was about to set sail to Calcutta. He took several other jobs as he hoped for more adventure as a young man. His final voyage was with a general cargo ship to Brazil. On route, several lawless members of the crew rose up in open mutiny, murdering the captain and first-mate, seizing control of the vessel. Loyal to the captain, Augustus was stabbed but was allowed to live as he was the only man capable of navigating back to land. The small crew scuttled the larger ship and manned the small boat surviving on minimal food. They made it to Rio De Janeiro and managed to board a vessel back to Boston. Wiswall never shared his story but to his wife, who in turn shared his stories after his death. His life back home was more calm, after living in the south and midwest during the Civil War, he moved back to Massachusetts and he bought land in Newton’s Lower Falls village building this home. He operated a paper mill in the village and was active in the local church until his death in 1880.

2 thoughts on “Augustus Wiswall House // c.1870

  1. Guy Curtis August 25, 2022 / 11:32 am

    I very much enjoy your emails regarding old buildings of New England. I have a particular interest in old Taverns and I was wondering if you were familiar with or knew anything about the Old Brattle Tavern which was located on Brattle Street in what was Old Scollay Square in Boston.

      The Tavern was traditionally established in 1767, a date I'm very much in doubt of, but it was demolished in the early 1960s as part of Urban Renewal. It was located next to the Old Brattle Bookshop at 32 Brattle st, which was also leveled along with all of Brattle Street. 
     There are a few pictures available of the Old Tavern online taken just before demolition. 
    Again thank-you for your informative emails. 

    Guy Curtis

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