United Church of Christ, Waterbury // 1824

As soon as settlers arrived in Waterbury, they began worshipping their respective religions, largely out of private homes. The town’s meeting house was occupied by some congregations, but there was no real union church for the many growing congregations. This edifice was originally erected in 1824 as a united Congregational church by local builders, the Carpenter Brothers (how perfect is that?) The church was modernized in about 1860 with Gothic Revival detailing, which included the raising of its foundation, bargeboard, spires, and a new steeple. It was updated later in 1880 with a new chapel and ten years later, with stained glass windows. It remains today as an active church and is in a great state of preservation.

2 thoughts on “United Church of Christ, Waterbury // 1824

  1. David Loring April 24, 2023 / 5:55 pm

    Good evening: I am a patron of you work since coming back to my hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts. I didn’t see it in your list, but that makes it my hope I am the first citizen of Framingham, MA to invite you to Framingham Town Common, if too start. Based on your love of research and your good humor writing style – your passion was self-evident from your first emails, you will find this town center to be – what is the word – archetypal is to idealistic too what seem to me your own tastes. This is where I walked today, – after missing home for twenty-seven years, for which I joke I have Odysseus beat by seven . It was on my walk I started writing and I cant get it out of my head so now this is done. I think this place will be a rich vein for your type of intellectual drive and desire; which I respect as much as one can in virtual world – not my cup of tea but you are worth it. I wish I could say I know you.

    Odd postsript perhaps, but I hope it will add to the drive, should you decide to go south: The G-eazy song, ..”if I say it, I mean it.” I assume you are in an automobile to your liking. Recently, I find I get even more satisfaction learing about the cities using google maps and, if only sometimes, skimming (the towns’s) Wikipedia Entry. I am sure you (and Yours) have thought about this, but if you offerned to share some of both your writing and your fine-angle photography to the towns; say a $500-$250 annual stipend?etec… should post them their, but get paid from the town/s.

    Respectfully, and with too an impersonal gratitude for a fellow lover of NE.
    David Loring, Framingham, MA (dfloring3@gmail.com)

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