Thaddeus Leavitt Jr. House // 1800

One of the (many) grand homes on Main Street in Suffield is this Federal style home built in 1800 for a 21-year-old Thaddeus Leavitt. Like his father, Thaddeus was a merchant with a store in Suffield, and was known by the title Colonel, meaning he probably served in the local militia after the Revolutionary War. Immediately after the home was completed, Thaddeus got married and moved into the home with his new wife, Jemima Loomis. They lived happily in their mansion until Thaddeus’ death in 1828 and his wife’s death in 1846. The home was altered in the 1850s with Italianate features including a belvedere and bay windows, which lasted into the 20th century. The home was recently restored back close to original conditions with the removal of the belvedere at the roof.

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