St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church // 1958

I typically do not connect my posts to current events, but I really wanted to take time to highlight the strength and fortitude of the Ukrainian people fighting to preserve their home and democracy around the globe. Closer to home, a growing Ukrainian community in Boston in 1956, decided to erect a new church in the Forest Hills section of Jamaica Plain. Land was acquired and a blessing ceremony was attended by members of the church, the architect, and Reverend John Theodorovich; the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America, who was born in Ukraine, and served at chaplain with the Army of the Ukraine National Republic in the war against Russia in 1919-20, before eventually moving to North America. The architect, John Kodak, was a Toronto-based architect of Ukrainian descent who ended up in Canada after fleeing from his home to escape communist rule from the USSR. This church is a Modernist interpretation of the iconic St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev, Ukraine, with its onion domes surmounted by crosses. The church, like many others, is holding prayers for Ukraine and is coordinating donations and aid to the Ukrainian people and related charities.

3 thoughts on “St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church // 1958

  1. ninakalita August 9, 2022 / 10:14 pm

    Thank you for posting about my church. It’s very meaningful to see the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s Architecture and history be highlighted. It is truly awful that a situation like the existing one in Ukraine has shined a light on the development of democracy. I can only hope that Ukraine will continue to have the support of most of the world as it fights for freedom.

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    • Buildings of New England August 9, 2022 / 10:23 pm

      Thank you for writing! Share with any others who may be interested! Let’s keep people talking about Ukraine and the power of democracy and freedom!


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