The Atherton // c.1890

About ten years after the nearby Carlisle building (last post) was completed by owner Jonas Gerlusha Smith (1817-1893), he began construction on another large, apartment hotel next door. He again retained architect Arthur Vinal, who was acting City Architect for the City of Boston to furnish the plans on the building, which would be attached to the older portion which fronts Gray Street behind. The building is extremely well-preserved and has some stunning metal bays with decorative details which really pop!

2 thoughts on “The Atherton // c.1890

  1. Katherine Greenough February 28, 2023 / 8:36 pm

    Love these photos and stories of old New England buildings. Keep them coming!
    I’d like to suggest you add the address of each building to make the story more complete. It would make each story much more compelling!
    There were beautiful metal bays like this on the wonderful Westgate building in Kenmore Square, which despite neighbors’ efforts, was torn down 3 years ago. To follow my own advice — The Westgate was at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Deerfield Street, at approximately 521 Commonwealth Ave.

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    • Buildings of New England February 28, 2023 / 8:50 pm

      Thank you Katherine for the kind words. As i dual post these on Instagram and here on the blog, I do not include the address in the text of the posts. However, I do link a Google streetview in every Blog post which provides location and include the address as a tag for these posts for researchers and Google searches. Hope that helps!


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