Lars Thorsen House // c.1850

I love that when walking around towns and cities in New England, I find charming old buildings and snap a photo only to learn later on that they were the home of someone amazing later on! New England is full of amazing stories! This charming cottage in Noank, CT, dates to around 1850 and measures just 16 x 22 feet and is set on a full-height raised brick foundation just steps from the harbor. Upon further research, it was uncovered that this cottage was the home of Norweigan artist Lars Thorsen (1876-1952) and his family since 1923, he added the shed dormer for his art studio. Thorsen was born in Stavanger, Norway, and was fascinated by ships as a boy. He first went to sea as a cabin boy at age 14, and crewed on both sailing and steam-powered ships. By 1903 he had made at five trips around Cape Horn, and crewed on the Columbia, an America’s Cup yacht designed by Nathaniel G. Herreshoff. A year later, Thorsen happened to sail into Noank, and chose to settle down there. Thorsen became known for his marine paintings of coastal areas and ships and painted murals for the WPA and other commissions.

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