Charles C. Warren House // c.1880

Located just steps from the former State Hospital of Vermont in Waterbury, the Charles C. Warren House on Main Street stands as an important Victorian-era residence in the town. The late Italianate style residence features a detached carriage house at the rear which was later converted to a auto garage and most recently to office space. Mr. Warren was a businessman in town who owned a tannery and creamery. He built a water system in the town in 1879, making a substantial amount of money in the process. Mr. Warren was a serious auto enthusiast who in addition to purchasing the first automobile in Vermont (a 1899 Haynes Apperson), he held Vermont registrations #1 and #2. He had his carriage house converted to an auto garage equipped with a turntable that obviated forever the tedium of backing down the driveway. The building is now home to a law office.

2 thoughts on “Charles C. Warren House // c.1880

  1. Irene Kodak April 29, 2023 / 1:38 pm

    I’d like to get in touch with you re: one of your entries which was built by my father but the name is incorrect. More importantly I’d like to get permission from you to use one of your photographs for a website I am preparing on my father’s works. Thank you.
    Irene (I live in Canada)

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