The Angel of Death and the Young Sculptor // 1893

While not a building, I must feature one of the most stunning pieces of art I have seen, at a cemetery! Titled “The Angel of Death and the Young Sculptor“, this massive monument was is a sculpture in bronze, and one of the most important and influential works of art created by sculptor Daniel Chester French and is located at Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston. Also known as the Milmore Monument, it was commissioned after the death of brothers, Joseph, James, and Martin Milmore (1844–1883). The Milmore brothers immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1851, Joseph becoming a stone carver and Martin a sculptor. The will of Martin Milmore’s older brother, Joseph, called for creation of the monument, which was to commemorate the life of his older brother, Martin. As Martin Milmore had been a sculptor himself, French decided to depict the artist at work, with the Angel of Death interrupting his work, with death grabbing the chisel from Martin’s hand as he works. Martin Milmore was 39 years old when he died.

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