John Brown Herreshoff House // c.1870

John Brown Herreshoff, a fully-blind ship-builder, and later Founder and President of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in Bristol, built this house at the head of Burnside Street, overlooking his boat works (no pun intended). The home sits next to the stunning Codman Place mansion, featured previously, and takes architectural cues from its neighbor. The home is reported to have been built by J.B. Herreshoff, who despite being completely blind, developed his other senses to a high degree to overcome the handicap of sightlessness, and became renowned for his design skills in his ships. The home has a mansard roof with a central projecting entrance bay, capped with a steeply pitched roof, and a barrel-vaulted dormer and ocular window inset. While the house is now condo units, it retains its architectural integrity at the exterior.

One thought on “John Brown Herreshoff House // c.1870

  1. Tony Ruggiero September 12, 2022 / 4:29 pm

    I spent many years as a young man in this house. At the time it was owned by Dr. Capone and I went to school with one of his three daughters Rose Evelyn. In later years my boyhood chum would rent an apartment there with his mother and sister. The first time I heard the Rolling Stones was in Joe’s apartment. My grandparent’s home was on Burton Street just around the corner. Across the street from the J.B. Herreshoff house on the corner of Burnside St was where my boyhood pals The Gromley brothers lived. Two doors down Burnside on the north side lived the Hanson Brothers. Their father was an electrician and he moored a dory at the bottom of Burton street that he had altered to take an outboard motor. He was frequently called to go to Prudence island to do repairs in some pretty rough seas.

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