Trevett House // c.1715

One of my favorite houses in Marblehead, Massachusetts is the Trevett House on Washington Street, a perfectly preserved stretch of Colonial-era homes that transports you to centuries past. The Trevett House was built around 1715 by merchant Samuel Russell, a wealthy merchant and slaveholder in town, who had this house built as a gift for his sister Elizabeth Trevett and her husband Captain Benjamin Trevett. The house passed to their son Russell Trevett and then on to his son Captain Samuel Trevett. Captain Trevett (1751-1832) was born in this house and is best known for leading the Marblehead artillery company to Boston, fighting at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775. At the battle, Captain Samuel Trevett was the only artillery officer that day to make a pretty good account of himself. He disobeyed Col. Gridley’s orders to remain off the Charlestown Peninsula and fire at the navy from the relative safety of Cobble Hill. He survived the battle and the war and died at his family home in 1832. The Marblehead Arts Association bought the house in 1928, and the amazing paneled interiors were featured in publications on early Colonial architecture, and documented as part of the Historic American Buildings Survey.

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